Sunday, March 26, 2017

Is Spring Officially Here?

We're Looking For Spring!
The ewes were getting a little snack on some grass while their round bales of hay were being refreshed ...  You can get a little glimpse of the pasture just beginning to green up.  As sunset approached, we took a few pictures before the ewes were led back to the Loafing Shed and their boring hay.
Dorset Ewe #1445 & Rambouillet Friend - That's #145 Just Behind (see the 45 on her hip?)
Right now, the ewes look a bit ragged after winter and we'll have to get the shearing done soon. As of today, it looks like the temperatures are going to be up in the 50's & 60's for the rest of the week here at Wild Rose Farm.  Spring is here!
Got Snacks?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sorted It Out ...

Cones & Skeins
Here's something worth sharing.  My SIL gifted me with a one of those giant Ziploc bags stuffed full of assorted yarns for Christmas. She got all of them for $25 at an auction.  It looks like a weaver's stash to me ... what do you think? The first group above is all wool, with the exception of the blue cone - that's a fine cotton. The 7 Rowan yarn skeins were tagged at $4.10 each ... whoo hoo!
Quite a Mix of Yarns Here

The second group contains the fabulous orange Scottish Shetland skeins & the Noro skeins. The cream is a cotton core spun & the blue cone is a cotton novelty remnant. Blue & white bumpy/funky Orlon (!) and a slightly faded aqua cotton round out this batch.
Wools, Chenille, & Rayon ...
 The third collection has 2 nice French wool singles, a little group of exotic wool, the commercial wool sock yarns, a brown Rayon cone, what looks to be leftovers from a Christmas project, and 2 chenille tubes.
True Miscellany & Thrums!
The last group is a true mishmash of old novelty cotton, wool & wool blends, a ball of jute (can you say macrame?), purple chenille thrums, and the thick ends of various rug yarns.
All in all, a great little haul for the price. I'll sell some, use some, & gift some. It looks much neater now that the project of sorting it and packing it is done.  To think that this stemmed from a comment I made when we were out thrifting/antiquing.  I bought a full cone of wool yarn for $2, but by-passed two big tubs of synthetic novelty yarns for sale at $10 each.  Someone was listening, lol.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Brown & White

Glenda Shows Off The New Fence & Gate
Brown & white ... that's the color scheme for the season. Dreary brown when it gets unseasonably warm, followed by blasts of snowy white as we go in and out of single digit temps!  Here's brown & white Glenda next to the new interior fence line. Notice the brown and white of the Loafing Shed in the background and our neighbor's white vinyl rail fence on the other side of the road.
Descending From the Goat Mahal!
We passed our neighborhood goats on the way back to look at the water tank. Always curious, they tromp down from the Goat Mahal to meet us at the fence line. They've been clearing the brush for the last year or two & not much has escaped them!
The Brown & White Goat Is The Smaller One ...
 The new replacement water tank is making water just fine ... note the deck hanger hardware holding the boards in place. The idea is that we can move the divider if we have to work on the tank and the electric high tensile wire can also be separated over the tank if need be ...
New H2O Tank
A few days later, we went back to several inches of snow and a mini whiteout while we were hauling hay over to the ewes behind the Loafing Shed. We're using the tractor now since the ground is too soft for our skid steer with the tire chains. Tire chains on the tractor are a different story though!
Back To White - It's Snowing Again!
It got back up to almost 60 degrees and here's a different look at brown & white ... snowdrops flowering on February 5th ... easily a month early around here.  I took this picture after we did some pruning on our apple & pear trees.  I discovered them blooming while patrolling the front yard with the loping pruners looking for winter damage ... oh my.
Snow Drops on February 5th
We'll see what happens next. Didn't the groundhog say we'll have 6 more weeks of winter?!?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Projects & More Projects!

Wow ... so where have we been all summer & fall?  Here's a look back at what has been going on in between taking care of the ewes & lambs.
Old Spring Development H2O Tank
Our old "middle" spring development tank was due to be replaced. This one is seasonal, so while it was soooo dry in July, we replaced it.  We also had the nearby stumps pulled from the winter brush clearing project. All of this was in preparation for a pasture sub-division fence project.  See how these things go?
Pushing Stumps Onto The Brush Pile
Finally, by October, we had running water after getting a decent amount of rain. Of course, as of yesterday, the new tank is just holding even since it hasn't rained again for a couple of weeks. As you can see below, we were paint marking & staking out the spots for the fence posts.
New Tank & Crystal Clear Water!
Meanwhile, "back at the ranch" this August, Mr. WRF tackled the 12' barn doors that weren't meeting up flush together and latching correctly.  Turns out that the "boards behind the board" that formed the header where the doors were attached had some rot and had to be replaced. The doors had been built in place, so the trick here is to do the repair/replace while the doors are still hanging off to the side. I stayed away from this project ... :~0
Wild Rose Farm Barn Door Repair Project
The hot, dry weather also provided a window to "finish" the Loafing Shed.  It was coated with linseed oil and then the trim & louvers were painted white. What a difference!
Loafing Shed & Fall Color! 
 The doors are ash - complete with the Emerald Ash Borer grooves that killed the tree - and the siding is cherry. The ash borer marks in the wood of the doors are reminiscent of wormy chestnut ...
And the fence project?  And Snow White's trip to the vet? We'll save that for another day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fair Season Recap!

Canfield Fair - Orchard Displays
Now that the local fair season wrapped up, here are a bunch of random pictures of the season. Thanks always to the folks who take the time to bring their animals, produce, crafts, & baked goods to the fairs!
Yarn Ball Wreath - Big Knob Fair
How about this interesting wreath for my fiber friends... and perhaps some inspiration!
Canfield Fair - Lovely Horned Dorset Ewe!

Canfield Fair - Bold Horned Dorset Ram
It's nice to see a big variety of sheep in the Canfield Fair sheep barns!
Merino Rams At The Canfield Fair
Tunis Ewe Lamb Waits For The Canfield Fair Show
This year, despite the drought in the tri-state area, the largest "pumpkins" weighed in at almost 1,300#.  Of course these giants grow in secret locations on pallets, under canopies, and with double top secret special feedings, lol! 
Grand Champion 1283# & Reserve Grand Champion 1273.5# !!!
How about this idea for an old, unused sewing machine? Where do people get these ideas?!?
Not Even Sure What The Category Is For This Entry! :)
Finally, from the Hay & Grain Building comes the largest ear of field corn. Someone had to COUNT all 1144 kernels on this ear (plus the other closest entries!). Thanks to the folks who do the preparation and judging for all of us to enjoy! 
Enlarge To Count 1144 Kernels!  :)

Monday, August 29, 2016

And The Heat Goes On!

Triplet Ram Lamb Leaving For New Home
The hot & dry weather continues here at Wild Rose Farm. We got some rain in the last 2 weeks, but we're still way behind for the year. The nights are getting cooler, so at least there is some relief. One of our ram lambs was sold recently - he was one of the triplets out of our Rambouillet Ewe #403.
As dry as it is, we moved the ewes onto round bales of hay for now. The pastures are recovering nicely for fall grazing after the rains that we did get lately.
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #401 Munching Queen Anne's Lace 
The last grazing stop before heading to the round bales was the "Hospital Pen" along the driveway near the barn. It was last grazed in early June, so the grass (and weeds) were really high.  We always say that sheep prefer weeds & browse over grass and you can see it here ... I had my cell phone with me as the ewes selected their own favorites!
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #407 Reaching Ironweed Leaves
Then, WRF #407 "Walks Down" The Ironweed - Yum!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ewe Lambs Head To New Pastures!

Wild Rose Farm Ewe Lambs Travel In Style!
The pick up of the 2 ewe lambs was changed from Saturday to Sunday, so off they went yesterday to their new home.  Rambouillet ewe lambs #551 & #552 headed down the road in style. They were happy to leave in the back of an SUV standing in their individual Rubbermaid tubs!  Actually it works out quite nicely once you get the back hatch closed down ... they are content to be looking out the window and as far away from the driver & front seat passenger as possible. :)
We got this quick picture as they pulled away in air conditioned comfort ... see you at the fair!