Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cherry Pie Time !!!

Wild Rose Farm - Sour Cherries Ready!
Well --- here's the project for the evening!   The sour cherries have ripened enough that they'll be ahead of the birds for a couple of days.   Time to make a cherry pie & put some cherries in the freezer for later.  The temps will be in the 90's this afternoon and the humidity is up today too.  Just below the cherry trees are a couple of blueberry bushes that we'll have to cover before they start to ripen .... you definitely can't keep ahead of the birds on them!
WRF Rambouillet #401 & Twins Grazing
WRF #401 was limping around two days ago.  We looked at her right front foot and couldn't find anything in there, but she definitely poked it somehow.  We brought her up to the barn with her twins & gave her a shot of a long acting antibiotic.  A second shot will clear that up and she's already walking better.  Her lambs are doing well - one ewe - one ram.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Morning Light

Wild Rose Farm Llama Lisa At Water Tank
We had some visitors on Saturday morning, so we walked over to see Lisa and her yearling lamb crew.  They were at the water tank near the loafing shed ..... Nice & scenic & quiet over there.  They still need to be sheared, but they're really clean right now since we've had a lot of rain lately. Lisa is pretty white too ...... of course, that is a temporary state.  She likes to roll in the dust! 

Wild Rose Farm Lisa With Yearling Ewe Lambs
The lambs didn't really pay attention to our little group, but you can see Lisa is annoyed by looking at her ears ...... "why are you here looking at my lambs?".  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dusk At Wild Rose Farm

Wild Rose Farm Rambouillets #406 & #412 With Lambs
The light was rapidly fading when I got out to look at the sheep tonight ..... these nice looking ewes are with their first lambs.  These ewes were out of our performance tested Rambouillet ram from the PA ram sale. 
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #412 With Ewe Lamb
You can see that #412 is a bit hesitant .... she wants to run past to the pasture, but I'm a little too close!  Don't you just love looking at the lambs on those sturdy long legs?  :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Driving In Circles ....

Round Bales On The Trailer!
It's time to haul hay again at Wild Rose Farm.  We've been driving in circles to pick up round bales of hay this last week.  This final group of bales were made just before a rain last week, so here we are picking them up today ....
We like to get the hay in before they get any weather on them, but the farmers out there know that sometimes it's all you can do to just get bales made before a rain!  We've gotten about half of what we'll need for the next year.  More to come .....
Fencing Out Glenda ....
We rigged up this wall of fence panels to keep the marauding donkey out!  There she is up behind the barn .... all of the fresh grass and she will invariably put the munch on the 1st cutting round bales. She just reaches over the panels if they're on the ground.  I suppose it tastes different and also has slightly different minerals, etc., but it's no fun trying to extract & spike a bale in January that's been severely nibbled ..... :)