Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time For Paperwork

We don't take anything for granted around here at Wild Rose Farm.  Now it's time to renew our membership in the American Rambouillet Sheep Breeders Association and get these ewe lambs registered.  They're past most of the things that would cause us to "lose" (!) a lamb.  We have a ram lamb to register this year too, out of our 12 year old #802 ewe.  The big ram is in the ram pen now and the little ram is in with the breeding ewes.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keeps On Snowing .....

There's nothing unusual about snow this week on the East Coast, but we're really more of a Midwest location.  Wild Rose Farm managed to miss most of it - especially what got dumped just south & east of us.  The snow of late last week shown above with our ewe lambs had melted down somewhat, but now you can see that the breeding ewes & ram are in another round of flurries.
I don't envy anyone who has been lambing in the cold temperatures. 
Hey - more snow in the forecast tomorrow & on the weekend! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Chores

The latest project at Wild Rose Farm is clearing some of our lightly wooded areas.  It's been several years since our last go-around with opening up some more area for pasture.  This work isn't as bad as some of our original work clearing down over the hillsides to put in high tensile fencing.  At least we're not dealing with a 20' wide clump of multiflora rose!  The stumps are left high enough to be easily pulled by a backhoe.  The tops are put into brush piles and are burned, while the good wood will be split into firewood.
Most of the trees in this area are locust & wild cherry trees.  There is also a huge sumac tree - a weed tree as far as we're concerned.  It came down today.   
You can see the barn over in the background ..... 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Applications Coming In!

Well, I'm still wrestling with getting everything back up to speed on my wonderful desktop PC, so that's the excuse for disappearing over the last month.  The Holidays were busy as usual, & with some vacations at work, the PC took a back seat.  Recent pics coming soon ...... the sheep sure are enjoying the cold weather.
Meanwhile, vendor applications & requests for the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest are coming in at a nice pace.  Several returning vendors and some great new vendors so far!   We've been distributing our fabulous "Save The Date" cards for this year & we also had a winner on the raffle for the "Alpaca Extreme Weather" gift basket, just in time for Christmas.  Thanks to all who supported the festival by buying tickets and a big thanks to Lippencott Alpacas for donating the gift basket!