Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend With Fellow Shepherds!

Wild Rose Farm Table At Symposium
Wild Rose Farm went to "Pennsylvania's Shepherd Symposium" in State College this weekend.
We set up a small table display with our naturally dyed yarns, combed top, accessories, & "up-cycled" wool finds like the "name-brand" wool sweater in the picture.  The  session on Saturday focused on parasite management strategies & general flock health.  Sunday morning was a specialized workshop on developing a farm Manure Management Plan --- PA livestock owners are required to have a written plan by the end of 2013.   Yes, if you own one or two horses, you're included too!  More info & helpful links in my next post.
All in all, a great weekend with fellow shepherds ..... caught up with some old friends and made some new ones! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Nice Weather ......

Wild Rose Farm Lisa Watching The Sheep
We've had rain and wind during the week, so some of the leaves have been falling.  It seems that the weeping willow tree holds the green color late into the season.  We planted that tree near a stream.  Every farm needs a weeping willow & the sheep keep the bottom trimmed ..... just make sure it's not near water or septic lines!  Lisa the llama is a pretty nice white color now that she's been trimmed and I guess she'll start to even out as she grows back in.  I'm getting ready to wash some of her locks & some wool in the next week or so. 
Wild Rose Farm Lambs & Sire WRF #402 Rambouillet Ram
We were walking around the back of the barn ....... of course, the lambs had to come out & see what was going on!  That's the Rambouillet ram in the ram pen behind them.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Color At Wild Rose Farm!

Wild Rose Farm - Ewes Near Barn Stone Pile
We had some beautiful fall weather today here at Wild Rose Farm.  It was warmer than yesterday when we took a fall leaf peeping drive north to Forest County, PA.  We saw some great color up there mixed in with the green pines & hemlocks along the Allegheny River. 
Wild Rose Farm "U" & Ewes!
But of course, we have some beautiful maple trees right here on the farm ......
It was a little overcast this afternoon & no sooner did we take these pictures & get up to the barn, a light drizzle started.  We still need the rain around here.  We saw a couple of farmers on our drive yesterday who were taking off some hay and wrapping it.
Wild Rose Farm Ewes Watching The Coonhound! 
Here's an attentive line-up of ewes watching one of the coonhounds getting a lesson in the field.  Usually this level of intensity is reserved for someone coming with a bucket of feed!  :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Is Here ......

Wild Rose Farm Llama Lisa & Leaves Starting To Change
Your Wild Rose Farm blogger has been doing some business travel lately, but we did snap this picture of Llama Lisa yesterday.  The maple trees are starting to change.
Speaking of business, a group of us from my company were participating in a "Charity Challenge" at work today with Old Economy Village.  Part of my volunteer work today was cleaning up in their exhibit gardens ..... I was also assigned to take fig tree cuttings and put them in a sand filled growing bench in the greenhouse to root them.   We used a rooting hormone powder.  Looking the process up on the internet, I discovered "willow water".  Not being a horticulturalist, this was new to me ..... interesting if you want to use "natural" methods. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Funny Looking Sheep!

Michael Asks "Is That A Lamb Or A Giraffe?"
This little future farmer seems to be thinking, "Hey that's a funny looking sheep!" ........
Wild Rose Farm has a few more photos from the St. Mary's County Fair.  If you go to fairs and shows aroung the country, you're bound to see different breeds of livestock.  This fair had Romney sheep among the Suffolks, Dorsets, & Hampshires. 
St. Mary's County Fair - Romney Sheep Getting Ready For The Show 
The Babydoll  Southdowns are always popular with the crowd.  Because of their short stature, some flocks are used as a "green" method to mow the grass in vineyards. 
St. Mary's County Fair - Babydoll Southdown Sheep
We also watched the 4-H Steer judging show.  The judge did a good job sifting through the breeds and then we see him here comparing 2 steers in the final competition for Reserve Grand Champion of the show. 
First the judge handles the Crossbred steer ........
St. Mary's County Fair - Judging The Muscling & Finish On The X-Bred Steer
Then over to the Hereford steer ........
Looking Back & Comparing The Hereford Steer To The X-Bred Steer
 In the end, the Hereford steer is chosen as the Reserve Grand Champion and another 4-H season is in the record books!  It was also the last fair of the season for Wild Rose Farm ......  :(