Sunday, July 29, 2012

We Finally Got Some Rain .....

Sweet Grass Is The Only Thing That Is Green .......
Notice How The River Birch Trees Have Been "Pruned" Behind The Streambank Fencing!
It's been as dry at Wild Rose Farm as just about everywhere else this summer, but we finally got some rain during the last week.  We had some rain on Thursday and Friday evening and then again a little on Saturday morning.  It's amazing how quickly pastures, hayfields, and corn fields "greened up".  Still though, it would be too stressful on the pastures to turn the sheep back out on them to graze.  Like most folks, we're feeding round bales now and allowing the pastures to rest.  
Ewes "Drying Off"  On 1st Cutting Hay After Weaning Lambs 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Loafing Shed!

Are You Sure I Can't Come Inside?
Still off limits to Glenda, it seems that our new building has been designated a "run in shed" or a "loafing shed" by our local farmer friends.  I think we'll stick with calling it "the loafing shed"! 
Here are a couple of shots of the progress ...... the rough cut cherry siding looks really nice.  We won't have enough to totally close in the lower side this year, but we've got another pile of logs ready for the sawmill this fall.  Next on the agenda is finding several trees nice enough to have 10' boards cut for the sliding doors when the sawyer gets here.
North End - Louvers Will Go Up Here Too
The end trusses are built with vertical bracing, so Mr. Wild Rose Farm had to put in cross pieces to nail on the vertical boards ......
The openings on the upper side of the building are where the louvers will go on the wall.  We'll cut stock panels to fit over the bottom of the louvers on the inside to prevent animals from pushing directly on them.  It should look nice from the outside & will permit more light into the building.   For now there won't be any electricity here. 
Support Braces To Come Down Next
Once we take down the builder's 2x4 bracing, it will be used to nail diagonally across the trusses above to strengthen them.  Everything gets used!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Off To A New Home!

Wild Rose Farm Ewes - Off They Go! 
These two Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet ewes are off to a new home and a show career.  They were sold a while ago, but the stars aligned (I wasn't traveling for business!) and they were picked up yesterday.  We also didn't want to move them the last few weeks when it was SO HOT. 
The bigger ewe, WRF #0304 is a twin yearling ewe out of our performance tested ram & our ewe WRF #321 ..... she is currently 9 years old and just had a set of twin ram lambs this spring.    The smaller one, WRF #0337 is a twin ewe lamb born this May sired by our current home-bred ram, WRF #402. You'll  remember him as our last lamb out of the venerable grandma, WRF #802 .....  she is 14 now and has earned her retirement.  If you're looking at our blog pictures, WRF ram #402 is the sire of all of the lambs this year and we've got some nice ones.  His cross-bred ewe lambs, as well as his registered ram lambs are for sale.
We really like it when our ewe lambs go off to a new flock!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lambs Hanging Out ......

Weaned Lambs
The Wild Rose Farm weaned lambs are hanging out in the barn.  The other half of the lambs that were born later will probably be weaned next weekend.   That's a lot of lambs for us in the barn at one time.  So ..... it's time to sell some of the really nice cross-bred ewe lambs and some of the Rambouillet ram lambs to other flocks.  Let us know if you're interested!  The ewe lambs will have really nice fleeces.  We've already pre-sold 3 lambs and we're starting to get calls about freezer lambs for the fall.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sorting Sheep!

WRF #0304 Rambouillet Yearling Ewe Lamb - Going To New Home!
We did a little work with the sheep this evening at Wild Rose Farm.  Two ram lambs were picked up by some folks who need some summer lawn mowers.  We also sorted off a registered Rambouillet ewe lamb & a yearling ewe lamb who were purchased in June for a show ring career.  The ewes are just so nice and we love to have them go to good farms as breeding animals.  Of course we have retained the twin of the yearling ewe pictured above ---- WRF Rambouillet #0303!
We have a nice group of Dorset x Rambouillet ewe lambs & Rambouillet ram lambs for sale as breeding stock.  We might be able to spare 1 more Rambouillet ewe lamb if anyone "needs" one! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cooling Down - Finally!

Over 100 Degrees In The Shade!
Today things finally started to cool down at Wild Rose Farm.  Yesterday temperatures were over 100 here.  Yesterday we took a day trip to Maryland to visit family and temps hit 104 & 106 according to the truck during our afternoon drive home!  Of course before we left, we made sure that the sheep & dogs had plenty of water, but you still worry even though they have access to shade.  Funny that 88 degrees this afternoon seemed "cool".   We have some lambs that have been sold, but we didn't want to move them for the last week.  We had to avoid causing any heat stress & they'll go to a new farm this week. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Who Me?

You Talking About Me? 

Today was "Donkey Day" at Wild Rose Farm.  The vet came to give Glenda her annual shots, so she was the center of attention.  First we put on her halter & led her to the barn paddock.  Then she got her shots and was admired by the equine vet ...... a good tempered, healthy donkey.  Next she went willingly over to the pasture where the new barn is being finished.   She quickly became a helper donkey, watching all of the action.  After anything of interest was supposedly put into the wagon & out of the way, Mr. WRF turned to see Glenda walking behind him carrying the red box of 16 penny nails!  A shout of "HEY!" and she put it down, amazingly not dropping or flinging it. That would have been a mess .......
The Enticing Box Of Nails - Off Limits To Donkeys!
The contents of the new barn had to be put under protective custody ...... mission accomplished by nailing a 2 x 4 across the doorway.  The picture below from this evening says it all.  It was enough to keep out a designing donkey!
Disappointed Donkey .......