Sunday, October 20, 2013

Roadtrip After Chores Are Done ......

Wild Rose Farm Ewes - Sunday Morning As We Left For A Roadtrip ...
After rain last night, the morning started out sunny, so we left the farm for a fall road trip.  We headed up to the Pymatuning State Park  area and did some leaf peeping on the way. 
Spillway Pull Off - Hey! That Old Car Brings Back Memories.
I haven't been to the "Spillway" in Linesville, PA since I was a kid going with my family.  Their claim to fame is being the "place where the ducks walk on the fishes' backs".  
Folks At The New Viewing Area- Kids Throwing Bread To The Seagulls 
There's a great new viewing area complete with educational sign boards and a concession stand, which, of course, was closed for the season ......
But here's the Spillway that I remember. Check out the old concrete & heavy fence railing worn smooth by hundreds of thousands of hands!   I have to say it seemed soooo much bigger too!  :)
The Spillway With Waiting Ducks
You can imagine that this place is pretty packed in the summer.  So here's a couple of views of the ducks & carp when people are throwing out fish food and bread ......
The Waiting Game As People Approach ......

Feeding Frenzy - Mallard Gliding By ... Not Enough Bread To Walk On The Fish?!?
After this amusing visit, we headed back home through Amish country in New Wilmington, PA.
Sharing The Road In New Wilmington, PA.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walking The Pasture

Wild Rose Farm Ewes - Looking For Us?
We went out for a pasture walk & headed back to look at our current ground clearing project.  On the way back, we were intercepted by the flock!   Hey - are you looking for us?  Sheep are torn between coming forward with curiosity and/or turning tail and running away.  There's also a 3rd option. That's the "I'm bored with watching you" stage where they just graze and amble away ......
The wooded area being cleared now contains some fairly large Sassafras trees .... large enough to be cut into lumber, so we'll be saving the logs.  Most of the time, you find Sassafras as twisted, suckering scrub trees, so this was a nice surprise. 
Wild Rose Farm Llama Lisa - Between The New Clearing & Back Fence
Llama Lisa was behind the clearing grazing along the back fence line.  It's interesting to watch her, because she's always looking around ..... and that's a good thing.