Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Week In Review ...

Dr. Larry Goelz of Pipestone Veterinary Services
2015 PA Shepherd's Symposium
Last weekend found us at the Pennsylvania Sheep & Wool Grower's Association Annual Meeting & Shepherd's Symposium with sheep owners from all around the state. Over 50 folks of all ages were in the group.  Great presentations & demos by Dr. Larry Goelz of Pipestone Veterinary Services, Pipestone, MN ...
Dr. Goelz Demonstrates Splinting A "Broken Leg"
We had good food - lamb of course - and the association hosted the 2016 PA Lamb & Wool Queen Contest.  We followed with a silent auction & an annual meeting, but keep in mind this broken leg demo. You guessed it!  On Monday afternoon, I got called out to the barn at feeding time. One of the ram lambs in their group pen had a broken rear leg. We haven't had a broken leg FOR YEARS, so what were the chances?!?  :(
Needless to say, with the demo fresh in my mind, we cut a piece of PVC pipe and fashioned a splint. The Pipestone site also has a great video of the process if you need it.
Wild Rose Farm Flock Moves To The Back 40!
Mid-week, the ewes were moved to the Back 40 for some fresh grazing.  We even got Snow White along with them on the first try. She occasionally manages to scoot around or lope off in another direction. Yours truly is bringing up the rear & hazing the crowd ...
Wild Rose Farm - Munching Fresh Grass! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weaving Boot Camp!

First Weaving Project - Tabby & Twill!
Well, I've returned from a class that others have termed a "weaving boot camp"! Five days of beginning weaving at The Mannings in East Berlin, PA taught by Thomas Knisely - it's a big deal! :) The cotton dish cloth(s) above represents my very first attempt at weaving - lots of room for improvement, but we all came out with a bunch of towels to be finished at home. I have been wanting to take this class because I have a 1946 Sears & Roebuck 6 harness folding floor loom here at Wild Rose Farm collecting dust in a spare bedroom. It was last used by my Mother-In-Law in the late '70's to produce rag rugs. So ... I signed up & off I went last week!
Classmate Amy At The Warping Board For Her Scarf 
 There were 5 of us in the class and by the middle of the week, we each had projects in process on 3 different looms. Yep - 15 looms in use at one time.  We did a sampler and also a scarf of our own design.
The Mannings - My Beginning Weaving Class Sampler In Process!
We all felt that we learned quite a bit and Tom was an excellent & patient instructor. We had all kinds of "learning opportunities" ... broken warp threads, crossed heddles, treadle tie-up cord breaking, etc. ... you get the picture. "OK, everyone come down here and look at this" was the phrase of the week!
Tom Knisely Teaching Our Warping Lesson
Wool Scarf Project On Warping Board
My personal experiment was to work with a commercial warp to see if it was suitable for use with WRF fine wool yarns or if I should have our own warp thread made.
Tom Knisely Demos Direct Tie On With Wool Warp
Scarf Project On The Loom
My classmate Amy was very artistic and inspired me to flick bits of blue yarn into the scarf to break up the solid green on blue heather ... very subtle, but of course still regimented for those that know me! LOL
Weaving & Using The Warping Mills
What's next? I found the original manual for the 1946 loom and now we need to set it up and hope nothing is missing ...