Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rambouillet Ram Rambles .....

Securing Wild Rose Farm #402!
On Friday, our big Rambouillet ram left for a new home in South Central PA.  His new "job" will be with a commercial Rambouillet farm flock.   After breeding our ewes this fall, we're glad to see him move on to another farm.  He'll be 3 in July, so he has several good breeding years ahead of him.
The gentleman & his son also left us with a jar of their own homemade maple syrup!  They were able to squeeze in a trip to pick up the ram in the midst of their maple boiling season .....  :)
Wild Rose Farm Ram #402

Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Artistic Mood ......

Wild Rose Farm Ewe Lamb
Wild Rose Farm Triplet Ram Lamb
Here are a couple of pictures taken with a little different look ...... black & white seemed to suit them.