Sunday, December 9, 2012

Looking At Lambs

Wild Rose Farm Lambs
It's time to look over the lambs and decide which ones are "keepers" at Wild Rose Farm. 
We have 2 triplet ewe lambs - one is a Rambouillet & one is a x-bred - and both of them will probably be keepers.  
We've got some nice lambs and there are plenty of twins to pick from as we sort through them. 
Now that we've looked at them, we'll sort through the lambing notes and see which of the other ewe lambs we'd like to keep.
The rain held off today until late in the afternoon, so we got the chore of working with the lambs done long before the heavy rains hit .....
After sorting through the lambs, we headed over to Old Economy Village for the "Christmas In The Village" weekend program. 
Wild Rose Farm was set up as a vendor this weekend with our naturally dyed yarns, combed top, & woolen products.   Several skeins of yarn and several bags of combed top are going to find their way under the Christmas tree as gifts for knitters & spinners.
Wild Rose Farm At Old Economy Village
Riverwood Trading Company - Small Osage Orange Spoons Lower Center
 We were set up next to Riverwood Trading Company and were impressed with their treenware spoons.  We just had to buy one of their primitive spoons AND an Osage Orange spoon.  You can see the yellow wood of the Osage Orange ..... it matches the yarn in the center of the picture above, which is dyed with Osage Orange sawdust!