Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wild Rose Farm - Merry Christmas!

A few pictures from Wild Rose Farm to celebrate the Christmas season! The blue star on the barn ......

Picking out a couple of trees for the family out behind the barn .... trust me, it's cold & windy!

Yearling Dorset ewes ........

Monday, December 8, 2008

Did you miss it?

Saturday was a perfect day for Christmas at the Village. Old Economy Village was dusted with snow and everyone was in the Christmas spirit. Lighting is always an issue in these old historic structures, but we vendors do the best we can! Rambouillet combed top seemed to be the item of interest with several people buying the 4 oz popcorn size bags as gifts for spinners. Here's a look at the Wild Rose Farm table and our naturally dyed yarns in the Granery building.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas at the Village

Taking a break from packing for Old Economy Village tomorrow! Wild Rose Farm will be set up for Christmas at the Village and I think that we will be in the Granery. Look for the clock tower shown above ... I believe that the church will be hosting a "Live Nativity"!
Here's a picture from the Indigo Natural Dyeing Demonstration that I did on July 5th outside of the Community Kitchen. The Harmonists used natural dyes for their wool & silk dyeing, so this is an authentic craft for OEV. Of course, they produced on more of an industrial scale, not on a hand work scale as I do when demonstrating. The best time to arrive is just before dusk and you can enjoy going between the buildings on the candle lantern illuminated walkways in the evening.