Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wild Rose Farm winter wool

It's late December and we've gotten an inquiry for Rambouillet fleeces. We have 2 very nice fleeces that I pulled out of the wool stash in the barn. These 2 fleeces are ribbon winners from the 2007 Hookstown Fair, so they should be wonderful for our buyer. Earlier in the fall, we sold 6 Dorset fleeces to a crafter who has this coarser medium wool made into roving for her hand made crafts. The Rambouillet fleeces make an excellent combed top for spinning, felting, and crafting and it just shows that there's a use for every wool type. Here's a look at the prize winning fleeces ....... The single fleece is a Rambouillet and the pair of fleeces are from our Dorset ewes.

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