Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spinning on the seeds

It's August and there is some rain (supposedly) in the forecast, so we took some time tonight to mow & clip weeds in a pasture field. I also walked over the area where we have our ewes confined right now and spread some seed with a hand spin seeder. The sheep will help to trample the seed into the ground as they walk around. You get a good look at the condition of the field when you walk over it! The ewes are eating a round bale now since we don't want them on fresh grass once we've weaned off the lambs ...... this encourages their milk supply (already low) to stop so that the ewes "dry off". I've noticed that the ground is cracked since any substantial rain in the tri-state area seemed to miss our farm. It's been perfect hay drying weather around here for the last 2 weeks. Lots of folks took advantage of that to make 2nd cutting hay.

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