Sunday, October 26, 2008

PA Shepherd's Symposium = Roadtrip!

Off to the Pennsylvania Shepherd's Symposium on Saturday at the Livestock Evaluation Center in State College ..... The Pennsylvania Sheep & Wool Growers Association put on a good program and a great dinner. Dinner featured BBQ lamb and was it ever good! From 10 o'clock on, we were sitting in programs and attending the annual meeting. By 2 or 3pm, you could smell the aroma of BBQ lamb all over the complex and we couldn't wait for dinner. We had an update from an American Lamb Board Producer Representative about how our check-off dollars are being utilized to promote lamb. I can certainly say that I've seen more recipes than ever featuring lamb in magazines that I've picked up over the last year or so. Here are some recipe ideas:

I mention the lamb because now is the time of year that our lambs at Wild Rose Farm are getting ready for market. We have several customers for freezer lamb scheduled for December delivery and roasting lambs are popular now.
We also have some ewe lambs that are going to other flocks ..... here's what things looked like this afternoon when I got home from State College. The lambs & a couple of our yearling ewe lambs had just gotten a new bale of hay and they were just browsing around. They look very fluffy this time of year and are quite comfortable in the cooler temperatures.

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