Sunday, March 22, 2009

Indigo + Yarn = Wonderful Colors!

As promised, here are the results of the "Dyeing to Knit" indigo dyeing demo that we did on Thursday at the Beaver Area Memorial Library. The blue skein was made by dipping a natural colored white skein in the dyebath one time. The gorgeous green skein has a longer history. It was originally mordanted with tin and then dyed in a strong goldenrod flower dyebath last fall. We then overdyed the skein by dipping it once in the indigo dyebath. Many shades of green & teal can be acheived by overdyeing different shades and strengths of yellow & gold with indigo.
The brochure behind the yarn is the Wild Rose Farm 2008 Spring Newsletter. Several folks signed up for a copy of our 2009 SNL after the demo ..... get in touch or send a comment here if you'd like a copy of the newsletter this spring. It usually goes out in early May.

This next picture shows the indigo dyebath in the jar ready for use again. Note that the bath has returned to a yellow shade and that the blue "flower" is floating on top of the bath where it comes in contact with the air. After the "flower" is skimmed off, we're ready to enter another skein into the dyebath. The submerged skein of yarn will be yellow until it is carefully lifted out of the dyebath and the air hits the yarn. The dyebath is "rested" after the skeins are removed ...... this process of dipping continues until the dyebath is exhausted.


Jan said...

I'd love to get a copy of the newsletter!

RMK said...

Great - I'll put you on the list!