Thursday, May 7, 2009

My, What Big Ears You Have ....

The better to hear you with, my dear! Look at the "propeller ears" on this Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet ram lamb. Then take a look at this Dorset ewe lamb below. Notice the difference in the ear size. Dorsets typically have smaller ears as a breed characteristic.
Who says that you can't tell these sheep apart? The lambs in the barn are a little younger than the ones out in the field so they haven't recieved their ear tag yet. We'll process another group of lambs tomorrow and get the lamb tags in their ears. Right ear for ram ram lambs and left ear for ewe lambs.

Well, it started tonight ..... it caught me by surprise in this photo, but
the little mob of lambs in the barn broke into what I refer to as a "LAMPEDE". It starts when one or two lambs spontaneously get a sudden twitch, leap into the air, and take off at a dead run. Of course the other lambs turn and run with the first lamb, creating a mob mentality that sweeps all lambs in it's path into the fray. The mad dash continues in large circles until tired little lambs begin to drop out of the race. They mill around for a while and finally lay down to rest. It's hysterical! They do this out in the fields too. You can actually hear their little hooves pounding ......... it reminds me of the Ben Hur chariot race (if you're old enough to remember that movie).

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Jacki Weikert said...

THAT race story is hysterical and great pic too!