Monday, August 3, 2009

Successful Bidder

Well, we weren't really on a summer vacation, just a little trip up to State College for the PA Performance Tested Ram Sale at the PDA Livestock Evaluation Center on Saturday. We ended up placing the successful bid on a new Rambouillet ram for Wild Rose Farm. No pictures of him just yet because it's been raining since we got home. There was quite a selection of breeds on test this year .... something for everyone. The rams are run out into the ring for bidding and in the case of this group of Texel rams, the buyer gets to pick their choice of the rams in the group or take all three at "3 times the money" of his successful bid. Most rams were brought out individually to be sold. In this case, all 3 rams were under one ownership, so they elected to have them all in the sale ring at the same time. Imagine the meaty lambs that these guys will sire.
After the sale was over, the rams were going home to their new farms in every kind of set-up imaginable. Everything from regular stock trailers, to the new aluminum haulers, to wooden racks built in the pick-up beds, to MY FAVORITE set-up, this recycled fence pen complete with decorative gate. This rack gets the "green" award for the day for best use of recycled materials .... sturdy, light weight, collapsable, "attractive"!