Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Use for Wild Rose Farm Wool!

Gina came out to Wild Rose Farm for the PASA Summer Farm Tour in July to try and get some wool for her bobbin lace work. We ended up selecting about a pound of combed top which she was going to use to stuff/wrap in her bobbin lace bolster. Apparently, some of the synthetic materials (polyester?) can be slippery and the pins don't hold well enough. It sounds like it is working out really well for her. I see that the instructions to make a bolster also mention using felt as part of the wrapping ...... well, our combed top is also great for wet felting & needle felting, so it will probably tighten up or "felt" over the years with use.
Thanks for the pictures Gina!


Sea Witch said...

Lovely. Bobbin lace is one of the few needlework skills I have yet to tackle. Your work is lovely. Sea Witch

RMK said...

Thanks for the compliment! It's my wool stuffing, but it's Gina's bobbin lace .... Google "bobbin lace" and watch a video demo ... just listen to the bobbins clicking!