Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walking The Line .....

The Wild Rose Farm young Rambouillet ram has been walking the fenceline on this rainy day. The ewes had been let out of the area where they've been feeding on round bales of hay. So now, the ewes aren't in sight on the opposite side of the fence from the ram. They're happily wandering around grazing ..... sooooo, he walks up and down along the fence looking for them. He was just moved to this paddock after we sold the older horned ram last week, so he's really getting some exercise. This is a warm-up for all of the walking he'll do when he's actually put in with the ewes. Rams can cover miles every day during breeding season. At times, they forego grazing and lose weight while they constantly follow their flock around courting the receptive ewes ...... it's important to make sure that they're in excellent condition prior to joining the ewes. Don't worry, he came in and ate his daily ration of grain before heading back to the fence.

Meanwhile, the rest of the flock is enjoying grass on this cold & rainy day. Here are some of them!

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