Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great Crowd at Old Economy Village!

Christmas At The Village was packed last night. The marketplace vendors were in the Granary and it got pretty crowded at times. This was the biggest crowd we've seen since we've been doing shows & demonstrating at OEV.
We forgot to take a camera, so unfortunately there are no pictures. Two of our featured skeins of varigated brown yarn were snapped up quickly as a Christmas gift --- the back story that they were from walnuts gathered at OEV sealed the deal! Thanks to all of our new customers, past customers (some still working on their projects ...), and friends who stopped by to chat. Some of the other vendors were:
Nutt Road Honey Farm - practically sold out this year - beautiful beeswax candles, gifts, honey, etc!
McConnell Forge blacksmithing - also had great handcrafted "broom corn" brooms
The Pine Knoll Shops - restored antique mantel clocks & cuckoo clocks + an extensive herbal products selection
JPW Pottery - hand thrown pottery - no lead based glazes

Uncle Pete's Wood Toys - what a selection of cars, trucks, tractors, helicopters, engines, etc!

Little Europe - European glass ornaments

Hall and Parlor - wood furniture & clocks

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