Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shearing on Saturday .....

The ewes are being moved into the barn tonight.   Here they are now that the fence around the wintering area has been taken down.  We pick a patch of pasture that we want to rejuvenate and then we winter the sheep there.   We'll be picking up some pasture grass seed tomorrow at  Ann's Feed in Washington, PA  to overseed this area.   Wild Rose Farm crossbred #50 is eyeing up the disk.  This piece of equipment was a "freebie".  It was pulled out of the woods where it had been abandoned and has been "reconditioned"!   Hey --- it serves the purpose! 
We are expecting rain on Friday and the sheep have to be dry for shearing on Saturday.   Normally they are moved into the barn the night before shearing so that they don't have any dew or wet spots on them.  We also take away their hay & water so that they are sheared on an empty stomach.  They're not happy in the morning, but it's easier on them to have an empty stomach while they're being rolled around during shearing.  I'm predicting that WRF #39 below will have a nice handspinning fleece!

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