Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Chores

The latest project at Wild Rose Farm is clearing some of our lightly wooded areas.  It's been several years since our last go-around with opening up some more area for pasture.  This work isn't as bad as some of our original work clearing down over the hillsides to put in high tensile fencing.  At least we're not dealing with a 20' wide clump of multiflora rose!  The stumps are left high enough to be easily pulled by a backhoe.  The tops are put into brush piles and are burned, while the good wood will be split into firewood.
Most of the trees in this area are locust & wild cherry trees.  There is also a huge sumac tree - a weed tree as far as we're concerned.  It came down today.   
You can see the barn over in the background ..... 

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