Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Rams

PA Performance Tested Rambouillet Ram
 It's getting close to lambing time when we feature the ewes and lambs at Wild Rose Farm.  Of course to have lambs, the rams are needed, but most of the time they are separated out and kept close to the barn. 
To the left is our PA Performance Tested Rambouillet ram ---- he'll be the sire of all of the lambs that we'll have this spring.  This was his second breeding season here, so we are considering selling him, but may keep him to breed the older ewes.  It just depends ..... you never know what's going to happen on a farm!  He is looking out of his pen towards this next "little fellow" below, a ram lamb that we kept from last year.  He's still young and skittish around people.  That changes when they get older.  You don't get in the pen with the big ram and you don't turn your back on any ram. 
Wild Rose Farm blog followers will remember our ram lamb from this picture last summer with his dam, our 12 year old matriarch, #802.  He has grown quite a bit since that time.  He's in the barn paddock with "U" for companionship.  We'll have a look at them to compare size in our next post. 
Rambouillet Ram Lamb

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