Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hauling Hay .....

Rambouillet Ewes & Lambs
Just about everyone around here is baling their 1st cutting hay.  It started early last week after the threats of rain ended and the humidity broke.  Scattered T-storms made some folks nervous last night, but it missed our immediate area, so the locals were baling & cutting again today.  We've been hauling some square bales & storing them in the loft.  Next come the round bales.   Business travel is coming up again this week, so WRF did weeding, pruning, & grass cutting over the weekend.  The barn was cleaned out where we put our lambing pens in preparation for storing round bales.  The 3 ewes above and the six lambs were kicked out of the barn & onto pasture.  The little lamb in the front is a bottle baby & she just found out what an electric fence is tonight ..... they learn very quickly!

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