Saturday, September 24, 2011

To Market, To Market .....

Lambs Munching 2nd Cutting Hay
The recent rains have been great for the pastures & the ewes started a new rotation today.  The sheep will be enjoying the cooler weather.  Fall is market time for lamb at Wild Rose Farm.  We've been fortunate to get good prices for lambs the last 2 years.  We'll be taking in freezer lambs for a couple of customers in the next 2 weeks.  We also have some registered Rambouillet ewe lambs that will be going to a new home.  
Work continues on clearing an area for a building site for next year.  There are old fence posts in a line through this area & a "dead furrow" where the ground had once been plowed.  It's probably been 60+ years since that area was a pasture field judging by the size of the trees.  Just look at some of the firewood & timber that we have built up.  We'll be calling in a small portable sawmill to saw the cherry logs into boards. 
Logs & Fire Wood
Clearing & Brush Pile

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