Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why We Don't!

It's Freezing Out Here, But We're Wearing Wool!
Visiting other farm blogs after last weekend reminds me of why we don't lamb in the winter here at Wild Rose Farm.  Every farmer has a different market & a different goal.  If you're raising show sheep or 4-H lambs, there is a need to lamb in the winter.  The busy lambing season occurs while there's no field work to be done.  At WRF, we don't sell to those markets, so we lamb in warmer weather on pasture.  We also shear the ewes before lambing, so the fleeces are much cleaner ....
I didn't get a picture of them for the blog, but we were switching out frozen water buckets every day. 
Imagine if we had lambs being born - frozen water buckets and using heat lamps is not our idea of a good time.
To each his own!  :)

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