Sunday, September 30, 2012

Equine Power!

Suttler Post Farm Clydesdale Getting Some Attention!
Wild Rose Farm has been on a couple of road trips over the last few weeks, so we have some highlights to share ....
These pictures are from the St. Marys' County Fair in Maryland last weekend,where we saw quite a bit of equine activity.   First the 6 horse Clydesdale hitch from Suttler Post Farm was a BIG hit with the crowd ...... they thundered into the ring to the tune of "Welcome To The Jungle"! 

Suttler Post Farm Clydesdale 6 Horse Hitch At St. Mary's County Fair
After a great driving demonstration, these champions parked in the center of the arena and in came a team of mini-mules! 
Mini Mule Team At St. Mary's County Fair
Clydes & Mini Mules
Finally, as the sun started to go down, the heavy weight draft horse pulling contest got underway. 
To give an idea of how big these Belgian horse teams are, the 2 biggest teams weighed 4,800 pounds!
The winning pull for the contest was 8,500 pounds pulled a distance of 27' 2".  Don't hold me to that exactly --- I'd like to see the results officially posted here to confirm!  The winning light weight team pulled 7500# the night before ......
St. Mary's County Fair - A Heavy Team @ 6500 - 7500# Pull

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