Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Different Project - "New" Wagon

Local Sawmill - Lyons Hardwoods
We've been hauling a lot of firewood around for the last 2 years and we've borrowed a wagon from our neighbor a couple of times.  Said neighbor decided that we needed our own heavy duty wagon, so he built one for us this winter.   It is a limited edition 001 of 001 for 2012 and his name is on the tongue with a weld bead!  :)  It's mostly salvaged parts & a used running gear, but it 's pretty cool.  We painted the frame green & then had to get rough cut lumber to make the box. 
Here's what the equipment at our local sawmill looks like in the winter ..... this is the "de-barker" below.
Waiting for Spring!
We got rough cut oak boards from their prime stash stacked in the mill & loaded them on our trailer.  Talk about heavy!  While we were there to pick up the lumber, a young couple stopped in for firewood.  The mill has racks of firewood - unfortunately the seasoned wood is sold out - and racks of slabwood for sale.  Nothing goes to waste. 
Lyons Hardwoods - Slabwood Stacked & Banded For Sale

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