Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rambouillet Ram Rambles .....

Securing Wild Rose Farm #402!
On Friday, our big Rambouillet ram left for a new home in South Central PA.  His new "job" will be with a commercial Rambouillet farm flock.   After breeding our ewes this fall, we're glad to see him move on to another farm.  He'll be 3 in July, so he has several good breeding years ahead of him.
The gentleman & his son also left us with a jar of their own homemade maple syrup!  They were able to squeeze in a trip to pick up the ram in the midst of their maple boiling season .....  :)
Wild Rose Farm Ram #402


Becky said... do you pronounce the name of that breed? Syrup Sweetens Sadness...SSS...more alliteration!

RMK said...

Check this out ..... not quite teh true French pronunciation, but more of how you pronounce the shep name -vs- the town of Rambouillet. Remember the "Rambouillet Accords"?

Becky said...

Thank you for the pronunciation! Researched the accord as I didn't recall the 1999 attempt to reconcile Yugoslavia and Albania.