Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walking The Pasture

Wild Rose Farm Ewes - Looking For Us?
We went out for a pasture walk & headed back to look at our current ground clearing project.  On the way back, we were intercepted by the flock!   Hey - are you looking for us?  Sheep are torn between coming forward with curiosity and/or turning tail and running away.  There's also a 3rd option. That's the "I'm bored with watching you" stage where they just graze and amble away ......
The wooded area being cleared now contains some fairly large Sassafras trees .... large enough to be cut into lumber, so we'll be saving the logs.  Most of the time, you find Sassafras as twisted, suckering scrub trees, so this was a nice surprise. 
Wild Rose Farm Llama Lisa - Between The New Clearing & Back Fence
Llama Lisa was behind the clearing grazing along the back fence line.  It's interesting to watch her, because she's always looking around ..... and that's a good thing. 

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