Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It Is Freezing Out There!

I just stepped out onto the porch to let the dog out and hadn't put a coat on first ... not the smartest thing to do when it's 23 degrees outside.  But then I noticed the "outhouse" out back and thought, "what is missing from this picture?".  Take a look .......
Wild Rose Farm "Outhouse" In The Moonlight
I'll tell you what is missing ..... a well worn path through the snow from the porch to the door!  Yes, we can be thankful for indoor plumbing.  Obviously, an old farmhouse like this had a real working outhouse at one time.  That's also why some old houses like ours have a large bathroom.  It used to be the smallest bedroom!   Other times, the bathroom is smallish & jammed under the stairway. 
So I grabbed the camera to document the moment .... pretty, but I'm glad that I didn't have to hike outside. The blue Christmas star on the barn reminds us to be thankful for the gifts that we may already have!  ;)

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Becky said...

Dec. 18 was particularly cold, but the resulting clear skies allowed the moon just a bit past full to shine. Your star is so special. We put one on our barn too.