Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snuggled In For A Nap!

Who's That Taking Advantage of A Snug Nest?
Left to their own devices, the animals all find a way to be comfortable in the cold weather.  Of course, the sheep go in and out of the buildings at will.  The ewe above was on her way out the door when I snapped this picture.  I went into the barn to check the water buckets and something in the hollowed out middle of the round bale caught my eye! 
Morris Quite Comfortably Napping!
The sheep munched out a nice spot for Morris, our fluffy orange barn cat.  He was nice & toasty and showed no inclination to come out to be petted.  He appeared at Wild Rose Farm as a tom cat several years ago & you couldn't touch him ...... we called him Morris for obvious reasons.  Orange & grumpy.  We did finally get him "fixed" and he's now a fairly friendly fellow. 

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