Friday, March 7, 2014

Glenda Had An Interesting Day!

Peacefully Grazing, Then ......
An ordinary winter day turns into an interesting event for Wild Rose Farm donkey Glenda!  "Hey, what's this?  Whoa!  Are you coming after me?"  Sure looks like it from the picture above.

Kicking Up Her Heels!
Better get outta here ...... Glenda snorts, kicks up her heels and scampers away.   It's not really as close as it seems from this perspective, but you don't normally see a donkey looking up at the sky above her either!
The helicopter is over the hill and up on the north facing snow covered slope.
OK, It's Leaving Now......
Having successfully defended her pasture from the helicopter, Glenda returns to grazing! 
By way of explanation, these helicopters are flying around picking up and dropping orange packages for 3-D Seismic testing related to shale gas exploration & mapping.  Here is an very interesting rural PA blog that I found from Granny Miller when I was looking for a link to explain this ...... a blog worth exploring on many levels! 

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