Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cold Front & Snow Arrives

Wild Rose Farm Sheep Moving To New Pastures
We're experiencing more unseasonable weather here - this time it's freezing weather.  This is more like January with temps in the low teens.  The ewes had finished grazing the field up past the Loafing Shed.  It had snowed all night, but with the ground being "warm", the snow wasn't sticking.
Llama Snow White Bringing Up The Rear
Notice the fence-sitter pumpkins are still out there ... they usually make it past Thanksgiving before we smash them and feed them to the sheep.   Hmmmm.  What's that dirty spot on Snow White's neck?  And ... what is the shepherd carrying with him?   Let's look back in the photo sequence.  The pup follows along everywhere during chores.  Quick --- had to pick her up before the sheep rushed past as the gate was opened! 
Picking Up The Pup!

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