Friday, December 12, 2014

Ewe Lambs

Wild Rose Farm Ewe Lambs
The lamb selling season is winding down now and we have several ewe lambs available that would make good replacements or flock starters.   The lamb with her chin on the gate is a Rambouillet.  Notice how she has a greasier or slightly darker fleece.   The other 3 in the picture happen to be Dorset x Rambouillet crossbreds.  We put an ad in the Farm & Dairy classified section.  You never know, but we've been asked in the past to hold lambs to be Christmas presents.   Probably like some of my readers who are farmers, I've also had to by-pass requests for nativity scene lambs.  If they weren't bottle fed as lambs, they can be too skittish to stand peacefully in a little pen while kids reach out to them.    And no one really wants to have bottle babies anyway, so that's a good thing!  ;)


Vermont Grand View Farm said...

What a lovely group of ewes! If you were closer-I would snatch that Rambouillet and put her right under my Christmas tree!

RMK said...

Oh no ... we just missed putting her on the van to Vermont! ;)