Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Hills Are Alive ...

Ewes At Gate - Where Are Our Lambs?  Baa!
... with the sound of bleating!  We weaned all but a half-dozen of the youngest lambs yesterday and you practically needed a pair of ear plugs in the barn last night. The ewes were moved over to the pasture near the Loafing Shed ... they are spending their time standing near the gate bleating for the lambs. No one is happy.  But wait --- what is happening here to distract us?
What Is That Thing?
We had Carl come over to give us a quote on a fence repair and also measure for a new interior paddock fence around the Loafing Shed. A few days ago, an F-450 truck lost its' brakes at a stop sign, crossed US Route 30, and hit our high tensile woven wire fence. No one was injured, but the fence had to be cut out of the front end of the truck.  It did not break.  That's the 2nd time this fence has been hit this year!  So ... we needed a quote for the driver to give to his insurance company and we added our own request to build an interior fence. As you can see above, the ewes were fascinated.
The Yearlings - Where Are They Going & Should We Follow?
Carl walks the proposed fence line with a wheel & his clipboard to take measurements and record where we need the gates to be put in the fence. The ewes followed at a very safe distance ...
Run The Line Here ... Then Make A Corner
Walking & Measuring
That was the activity for the morning.  We had some people over in the afternoon to pick out a ram lamb for their small flock.  We'll hold the ram for another week --- we like to make sure that they are settled down and eating well after weaning before we let them go to a new home.

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