Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fair Season Recap!

Canfield Fair - Orchard Displays
Now that the local fair season wrapped up, here are a bunch of random pictures of the season. Thanks always to the folks who take the time to bring their animals, produce, crafts, & baked goods to the fairs!
Yarn Ball Wreath - Big Knob Fair
How about this interesting wreath for my fiber friends... and perhaps some inspiration!
Canfield Fair - Lovely Horned Dorset Ewe!

Canfield Fair - Bold Horned Dorset Ram
It's nice to see a big variety of sheep in the Canfield Fair sheep barns!
Merino Rams At The Canfield Fair
Tunis Ewe Lamb Waits For The Canfield Fair Show
This year, despite the drought in the tri-state area, the largest "pumpkins" weighed in at almost 1,300#.  Of course these giants grow in secret locations on pallets, under canopies, and with double top secret special feedings, lol! 
Grand Champion 1283# & Reserve Grand Champion 1273.5# !!!
How about this idea for an old, unused sewing machine? Where do people get these ideas?!?
Not Even Sure What The Category Is For This Entry! :)
Finally, from the Hay & Grain Building comes the largest ear of field corn. Someone had to COUNT all 1144 kernels on this ear (plus the other closest entries!). Thanks to the folks who do the preparation and judging for all of us to enjoy! 
Enlarge To Count 1144 Kernels!  :)

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