Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sorted It Out ...

Cones & Skeins
Here's something worth sharing.  My SIL gifted me with a one of those giant Ziploc bags stuffed full of assorted yarns for Christmas. She got all of them for $25 at an auction.  It looks like a weaver's stash to me ... what do you think? The first group above is all wool, with the exception of the blue cone - that's a fine cotton. The 7 Rowan yarn skeins were tagged at $4.10 each ... whoo hoo!
Quite a Mix of Yarns Here

The second group contains the fabulous orange Scottish Shetland skeins & the Noro skeins. The cream is a cotton core spun & the blue cone is a cotton novelty remnant. Blue & white bumpy/funky Orlon (!) and a slightly faded aqua cotton round out this batch.
Wools, Chenille, & Rayon ...
 The third collection has 2 nice French wool singles, a little group of exotic wool, the commercial wool sock yarns, a brown Rayon cone, what looks to be leftovers from a Christmas project, and 2 chenille tubes.
True Miscellany & Thrums!
The last group is a true mishmash of old novelty cotton, wool & wool blends, a ball of jute (can you say macrame?), purple chenille thrums, and the thick ends of various rug yarns.
All in all, a great little haul for the price. I'll sell some, use some, & gift some. It looks much neater now that the project of sorting it and packing it is done.  To think that this stemmed from a comment I made when we were out thrifting/antiquing.  I bought a full cone of wool yarn for $2, but by-passed two big tubs of synthetic novelty yarns for sale at $10 each.  Someone was listening, lol.

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