Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Off To New Pastures!

Wild Rose Farm Ewe Lamb #0641 Ready To Travel
Who Opened That Gate?
Three nice ewe lambs left the farm yesterday for a new home. Their new owner is a fiber artist. We picked over the ewe lambs, looking closely at their fleeces to select the type she preferred to add to her flock. Twins out of our #142 ewe were selected and a twin from our 20 micron #98 ewe rounded out the little group. All were sired by a Rambouillet ram, so they are all at least 75% fine wool Rambouillet.
The lambs were delighted to find some nice second cut hay waiting for them in the trailer.  Much tastier than the 1st cutting they've been eating!
Two Wild Rose Farm Ewe Lambs Loaded Up  

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