Sunday, September 7, 2008

No rain yet!

Still no rain here ........ we had some mist on Sunday morning, but that's it. We took a round bale out to the "back forty" to the ewes. If you couldn't see the trees behind them, the ewes look like they're trailing along out West! They're getting a little shelled corn & "sheep balancer" each afternoon to supplement the hay. Sometimes it seems that the sheep are worse than hogs trying to get at their feed. As soon as they see the bucket, it's a mad rush to the feed troughs. If you throw out a bale of hay, they all rush to the hay ..... if you walk to another area and move some old hay around, they rush over to see what you're doing.
Note that the darker looking sheep are the Rambouillets ---- the open, chalky white faced ewes are the Dorsets or crossbreds. A red ear tag means Rambouillet, white is Dorset, & yellow indicates a crossbred ewe.

So, even if it does rain, it will be a while before we move them out to graze.

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