Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rain & Wind!

On Friday the 12th & Saturday the 13th, we got 1& 6/10th's inches of rain. No big downpours, mostly steady, so it was able to soak in. On Sunday we did the lawn mowing under surprisingly windy conditions. Well, the wind was from the remnants of Hurricane Ike and it got really strong after dark. Winds were clocked at 79mph at the Beaver County Airport and we lost our electricity around 8:30pm. After running our generator on Monday, power was restored around 8:00pm Monday evening.
Here on the farm, the animals can get water from our spring developments in the pasture fields, but we did have to move the lambs away from a wooded pasture area because of blown down wild cherry tree limbs. The wilted leaves contain poisonous amounts of hydrocyanic acid (HCN) and can quickly kill livestock if eaten in even the smallest quantities. The clean-up has started with a couple of downed trees being cut off of the high tensile woven wire fenceline.
No pictures at this time since there hasn't been time in daylight to get everything checked out .....

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