Sunday, January 25, 2009

Camo can't fool the sheep!

The sheep don't miss a trick. Here they are watching hopefully for some feed. All they need to see is a scoop or a bucket! Look at the expressions on their faces. Too bad it's just sunflower seeds for the birds.

Yesterday the Dorset ram went to his new home with a small flock. He was supposed to go last weekend, but the weather was just too cold to fool around with hauling sheep. A phone call from the new owner confirmed that he got right down to business when he was unloaded.
While we were loading the ram, Claire was very vocal and very happy to have so much attention. She was admired by everyone and got her head scratched for almost 20 minutes. Here's a picture of her making noise again today when she came up to the barn.
After the ram headed down the road, I made a trip to Covered Bridge Needle Arts in Bridgewater, PA. I wanted some tools for needle felting and was able to get them in this great little shop. If you're in the area, it's worth the trip to check it out. It's hard to leave empty-handed ......



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