Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's the Chance ?

I've been wanting to get some pictures of the sheep in the snow. First I went to a window and took some overview shots on Saturday afternoon. What's the chance that a cardinal would be so perfectly framed for the season? This is a great additon to the year round collection of shots framing the Wild Rose Farm sign. We get a lot of questions about why the sign isn't out along the road anymore, but it was too tempting a target for the "drive-bys". Anyway, it looks great on the barn and visitors like to take pictures under it.
The picture of Claire & the Rambouillet ewes above was taken from the same window. Note that despite having a round bale of hay and a water tank available, they all still paw around & graze. The sheep also get the majority of their water needs in the cold weather from the fresh snow. The woods look deceptively close in this picture. The blaze of white going from the upper right to the lower left in the back of the woods is actually the clearing for the back fenceline. Believe me, it was a treat clearing that hillside and then hand seeding and mulching it after the fence was installed .........

Just for fun, here's another artsy shot of the official Wild Rose Farm Rooster Mascot in the snow!

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