Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Farm Routine

We paid a visit to the local humane society on Saturday with 3 of the coonhounds to get their rabies shots.  This has become a routine since PA began to require that rabies vaccines be administered by a licensed veterinarian.   Prior to that, rabies & other routine shots were often given by owners, especially those of us who had farms or kennels and were accustomed to preventative animal health care schedules.   At least this way we support our local humane society and give a little extra ........  it's amazing to see the variety of dogs and cats that show up a the clinics.   We were part of the circus with 3 coonhound breeds: a Redbone, a Bluetick, and an English!  
P.S. - Timing is everything.  The clinic ran from Noon to 3PM and we walked right up at 2:40.  No lines, no waiting. 

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