Sunday, March 7, 2010

Signs of Spring?

The temperature was right around 50 degrees today and the snow continued to slowly melt.  The Wild Rose Farm picture above shows a grassy open area in the pasture.  This is where the spring that feeds our front stock water tank comes up out of the ground.  Even though the spring development gathers & pipes the water down to the stock tank by gravity, some water still reaches near to the surface & warms the ground.  This spring provides a constant year round flow of fresh water to the tank.  When we moved to the farm, there was a rotting, collapsed spring house over source.  The overflow is piped down under the fence and joins a small stream of water coming from our neighbor's farm on the other side of Route 30.
As we were driving around today, we saw small herds of deer in several places grazing on the open south facing slopes along the highway.   At this time of year the deer look pretty rough.  We also spotted several turkey vultures flapping around and trying to catch updrafts near the roads.  I guess they come back to Western PA before they return to Hinkley, Ohio !!!
Another sure sign of spring coming are these crocuses coming up in front of the house ......

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