Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cooling for a few days ....

The temperature is dropping for several days at Wild Rose Farm.  We had hot & humid weather in the low 90's so we want to be careful if we have to move or work with the sheep.  We will probably separate the ewes off of the lambs later this week to wean the lambs.  This is stressful for both sides of the equation, so we'd like the temperatures to be cooler.   We just sent off the registration papers for one Rambouillet ewe lamb and one ram lamb.  Coincidentially, the ewe lamb (#896 eartag) that we've sold is right in the left foreground of this picture ..... I couldn't have done that if I'd tried to on request!  She'll be leaving soon to join 3 other WRF ewes on another farm.   
Here's the first notification on this blog that Wild Rose Farm will be on the "drive it yourself" PASA Western Pennsylvania Farm Tour on July 24th.  Details & MAP here !!!!!! 
Stay tuned for more details to follow. 

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