Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weed Eaters!

Here are the Wild Rose Farm lambs munching down on a big burdock plant.  All that's left after the ewes & lambs got to it are the stalks.  Sheep truly do prefer weeds.  Interesting sight tonight in the pasture field.  We are moving barn stones out of a pile to start working on a retaining wall.  Some sumac trees had grown up in the piles and it was time to cut them down and add them to the burning pile.  Well it seems that the deer not only investigated the skid steer loader tracks last night, they also ate all of the leaves off of the cut down trees.  Three deer were back eating the leaves off of the next pile of sumac tonight.  I wonder what they're getting out of those leaves?  Just like the elephants on the plains, the birds occasionally catch a ride on sheep! 

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