Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back To Grazing

The sheep are back to grazing as of Friday.  They are really enjoying this after munching on round bales of hay for the last couple of months.  It was just soooo dry at Wild Rose Farm that we didn't want to stress the grasses and permanently set back the pastures.  Now that we've gotten some rain, the pastures aren't "burnt out" like they were. We also had the hydraulics repaired on the tractor, so we can follow behind the sheep and brush hog when they're done.  This will be the final pass of grazing for the year.  The leaves are changing color and the maples look really pretty right now.  The hot & dry weather caused a lot of the leaves to just turn brown and drop off in the last several weeks ..... you can see that in some of the background trees. 
We were breaking down the round bale feeders and the clanging brought the sheep running over to see what they were missing.  The banging must trigger their feeding response because, here they are, with that "What did you bring us to eat?" look!

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