Friday, October 29, 2010

New Home!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but we've been having a few problems with our computer and hadn't been able to download pictures, etc.  I hate when that happens!  Things still aren't back to normal, but we'll just have to keep hacking around.  With a business trip out of town & other unexpected family events, the time goes by quickly. 
This young Dorset x Rambouillet crossbred ewe lamb is headed for a new home.  She joins another ewe bought a couple of years ago by Chris.  She'll probably be spoiled and live quite the cushy life up in Butler County.   Right now you couldn't convince her that leaving Wild Rose Farm is a good thing .... baaaa, baaaa, baaaa!
We got a request for some Rambouillet fleece from a guild out in the eastern part of the state, so we're shipping the Reserve Grand Champion fleece from the Hookstown Fair.  Hopefully we'll get pictures of the results and comments that we can post here.  The guild was referred by Andrew, who bred a ram that we used for 2 years.  The champion fleece came from #329, a 2 year old Schafer ram daughter.  Pictured below is #403, one of the yearling daughters of the Schafer ram & our friendly cookie eating #330 ewe, seen previously in these pages nosing up at the camera.  You can see the density of her fleece.  Last spring, her fleece tested at 21.1 microns.  Can't wait to see it at shearing next spring!  That's #405 standing lengthwise behind her ...... also a Schafer ram daughter out of our #327 ewe.
Rambouillet Yearling Ewe #403
Note to sheep watchers: the whiter sheep in the picture are Dorsets or Dorset x Rambouillet crossbreds. 

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