Monday, November 29, 2010

Sorting Sheep

#802 & Ewe Lambs
On Sunday we put our Rambouillet ram in with the breeding ewes.  It's a multi-step process that started with us first sorting off the lambs.  Some are being retained as breeding stock and some are freezer lambs.  We're keeping one registered Rambouillet ram lamb out of our #802 ewe.  We're also keeping about 10 Rambouillet ewe lambs and 3 crossbred ewe lambs.  Here are the "keepers" and a few others out with #802 (on the left), the Wild Rose Farm "grandma".  She'll be 13 years old and we're not going to breed her this year.  Believe me dear readers, she is not happy to be stuck with the lambs ..... she is looking towards the other sheep and of course, the lambs will follow her lead. 
Some of these lambs are for sale.  All are sired by our Rambouillet ram.

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