Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Ready

Wild Rose Farm is getting ready for the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest next weekend.  With business travel this week, we have to get things staged tonight.  So ......... we also had a flurry of activity in the barn this afternoon.  We finished ear tagging, vaccinating, & tail docking on all of the remaining lambs.  The final numbers are in for the lambing season.  We have 36 lambs from 20 ewes this year.  We started with a couple of singles, but finished strong with twins, twins, twins.  Our Rambouillet ram got all of the ewes bred on the first service .... we started lambing on April 26th & finished on May 12th.  We have one bottle lamb out of the bunch,  She's #300 & she was small & wobbly at birth.  Her twin was normal size & he's doing fine with the ewe, but this one needed some help getting her strength to stand up.  Hopefully all of the lambs stay healthy.  It's always something that seems to come up. 
Almost Attacked By Lambs!  :)
NOTE for the festival: I got a call from someone who has a J-mode 4 harness table loom, 23" reed,warping board, shuttles, thread, books, etc FOR SALE.  She's asking $300 or best offer.  I'll have the pictures and phone number at my booth and at the information booth if anyone is interested.  Sounds like a good deal to me & a great place to try and find a new home for it! 
Now back to work for a few more minutes .... bundling up copies of Sheep!, Shepherd, & Stockman Grass Farmer magazines to resell at the festival.  It's a bargain & I sell them every year! 

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